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Hotel Supplies-Online
Information Page: Wholesale Hotel Hangers
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Our Wholesale Supplies Hotel Hanger Hospitality Shopping Guide!

For Wholesale Pricing and Purchasing, click on the Pictures Below!


Go Green Bamboo Hangers


Satin Padded Hanger


Wood Hangers, Metal Security Rings


Metal Hanger Types


Plastic Tubular & Molded, Plastic Security Rings


Slimline Wood

Children's Hanger

High Impact


Hospitality grade heavy duty clothes and coat hangers. Purchases can be made by clicking on the pictures above. That will lead you to our puchase pages for each type. Quality hanger styles made of the finest materials for durability and long wear. Wood, Satin Padded, Metals and Plastic Hanger types, including balltop hanger for security, and accessory rings

Here is a short guide from our online catalog to ensure you select the proper hotel hangers supplies for you.

Hanger History: Thomas Jefferson invented the wooden clothes hanger! However, today's most used hanger, the wire hanger, was inspired by a clothes hook.

In 1903, Albert Parkhouse, a novelty company employee, tired hearing complaints about too few coat pegs in the factory, bent a piece of wire into two ovals and twisted the ends together to form a hook, creating the first wire hangers.

In 1932, Schuyler Hulett improved it by screwing cardboard tubes onto the upper and lower parts of the wire to prevent wrinkles. In 1935, Elmer Rogers added a tube on the lower bar, which is still used today.

Hook Tops

standard hotel


Standard type hook, for Hotel Hangers. Use anywhere in standard closets, waiting rooms, coat check area and other areas where a strong long lasting hanger is needed.



Regular shaped hook, with narrower, smaller opening for thin rods, small spaces and many new wire design closet space savers.


Ball top

Ball top Hotel Hangers used only with closed or split style security rings. One piece ball top (also called nail top) fits into security ring which is permanently placed on the rod before it is hung. (see anti-theft section below)

unopened loops


Continuous Circle Hooks, these hangers have no opening. They must be placed on the rod before it is hung. Not removable without removing rod. These are of especially good use for spaces like hotel coat check areas or where motion is a problem as they will not fall off the rod.

Anti-theft Security Rings for our Hotel Hanger: Perfect for security in your hotel, motel and healthcare facilities. Protect your hanger investment! This item is for use with the ball top hangers only. The rings go over rod. If hanger is removed, it can't be used independently.

solid ring

A Ring

Hangers click in, providing stability and mobility. Closed style for removable rods

split b

B Ring

Split style for non removeable rods. You can add these at any time without disturbing your current rod set up.


Snap On

hotel style balltop hangers Snap on type antitheft accessories for plastic or wood.

Materials: Click link for picture!

Hangers: Economical Flat Wood and Luxury Contour Men's and Ladies' Suit

1/2" hardwood, Sturdy, Long lasting. for suits and coats.

Luxury Pastel Satin Padded Hanger

Perfect for protection and display of delicate fibers.

Chrome Plated Hanger, in both 4.0 and 4.8 Mil Thickness

No rust, Heavy duty, do not bend like wire

Revolving Hook Tubular Plastic Hanger

Smooth Design for mobility.

Plastic Molded Contour Suit, With Metal Hook

Heavy duty, straight bar for slacks. 1 piece molded bottom. Durable, long lasting, takes weight of full suit without bending or drooping

Hanger Styles

Revolving Top

Hook moves independently

Flat Suit

Basic wood hanger, flat to save space

Contour Suit

Wholesale Wooden hanger, rounded shape conforms to suit shoulders

Ladies Suit

Clips for skirts and slacks

Men's Suit

Lock bar keeps pants crease-free .