Amenities Desired Most Based on Hotel Guest Requests

Guest-requested amenities from hotels tend to change with the times. Two of the top five requests, free wireless Internet access and a fitness center, are fairly recent desires. A hotel soaps and shampoos supplier must carry a variety of upscale and luxurious toiletries to meet demands from tens of thousands of different independent and chain hoteliers.

Consumers Rate Hotels Based on Amenities

Hotel ratings reflect the expectations of consumers. According to Road Warrior Voices two small bars of soap are required for each room in a one-diamond establishment. The higher the diamond rating, the more amenities are provided to guests. Soap bars are larger and more diversified. A variety of gels, lotions, and creams, such as suntan lotion and hand cream, are hotel supplies that address the requests of customers.

A hotel soaps and shampoos supplier evaluates stock carefully and changes inventory based on guest and management feedback. Products come in a variety of plastic bottles, tubes, and packets. Highly requested items like shampoo and conditioner deliver the image the hotelier wants to display. Upscale hotels frequently request that personal amenities be arranged in baskets or on open trays. Organic, herbal, and natural products view with colorful and plain items.

Freebies like shoeshine cloths and shower caps are hotel supplies provided for customer convenience. Upscale hotels place convenient items like a mending kit, nail file, and hand and face towelettes on the bathroom counter for guest use. Shoehorns and pumice bars are other complimentary items that have been requested by guests in certain environments.

Consumers May Also Ask for Additional Items

Consumers may ask about the absence of an item if it is something they find useful. Hotel management has started adding amenities like mouthwash, packets of aspirin, and toothpaste. It is a compliment when they take lotion and shampoo with a pleasing fragrance home with them. It means they approve of and appreciate the hotel’s selection and the response to guest requests for amenities.

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